Expand Brand Awareness

In this situation, businesses want to boost their visibility. That could mean in general or to new demographics or locations with little brand familiarity.

Sales Funnel Stage: Awareness icon


Social Media: Snapchat, TikTok and Instagram

Why it works:

  • More established companies may not be resonating with younger generations. By buying ads on these platforms, they will meet new faces.
  • These ad types are often videos, so there’s a storytelling element and an opportunity to make an emotional connection.

Example: Long-standing deli welcomes new guests with Snapchat

ad sample


Why it works:

  • Making a connection with a new customer works best with a visual medium, and these ad types do this perfectly.
  • Advertisers can reach new audiences they’ve been missing in traditional media.
  • These short videos showcase what the local business does and can pack in credibility with customer or employee testimonials.

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