Drive Traffic to a Physical Location

When advertisers want more foot traffic, they are looking for ways to drive people to shop at their store, dine in their restaurant or experience an attraction. With these tactics, you can provide a path for customers to walk through their doors.

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Display with Geofencing

Why it works:

  • Advertisers can reach users in a specific area who have enabled location tracking on their mobile devices.
  • These ads offer a specific promotion to an audience that’s physically nearby, which could prompt more foot traffic and purchases.


Why it works:

  • Using targeted display motivates a customer to head to a physical store.
  • Location targeting is also relevant here, but consumers don’t have to be in the exact “fenced area.”

Example: Coffee company offers free drinks

ad sample


Why it works:

  • Leveraging video gets people excited about visiting a space, especially if they haven’t been there before.
  • With targeting for OTT/CTV, ads can hit different locations and demographics.
  • Telling stories in this format can be the final push that customers need to check out that new restaurant or visit the local zoo.

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