Acquire New Customers

Most businesses always want and need new customers. For advertisers with established brand awareness, you’ll want to recommend these tactics to focus on converting customers with meaningful and relevant ads.

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Why it works:

  • SEM ads answer searcher needs by leveraging buying intent phrases like purchase, find, book, hire or order.
  • Incorporating social proof like ratings demonstrates credibility, which can influence conversion.
  • Businesses can personalize these ads for new customers with exclusive deals.

Example: Restaurant uses “Reserve Your Table”

sample sem


Why it works:

  • Advertisers can reach cord-cutters (i.e., those who no longer subscribe to traditional cable or satellite).
  • It’s a storytelling format with visuals tailored to the customers they want to acquire.
  • There are numerous targeting options.
  • With OTT, viewers can directly click to the website to take advantage of a promoted offer.

Social Media: Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or TikTok

Why it works:

  • Brands can connect with social media users interested in your category.
  • The profiles you choose will depend on the target audience. If it’s broad, Facebook can capture this, as it has the most diverse demographics. Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok skew younger.
  • Ads can target based on multiple demographic, location and preference options to deliver these ads to the most relevant audiences.
  • Local brands can hook new audiences with deals and coordinate them with seasonality, holidays or national days.

Example: Yoga studio offers free classes on International Yoga Day

sample ad

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